Hi, I’m Adetona Adewale. I’m a Front-End Web developer and Digital Marketer based in Lagos Nigeria, skilled in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, VUE, NativeScript (Vue) for Mobile Application, PHP  and Laravel framework. I create a clean, professional, functional web application.

For development, I write Javascript. I use Vuejs to build a robust application. For those interested, the text editor I use is VSCode, I use it alongside Bulma and Firebase to build sites on Cloud. These are the basic tools I use on every job and are my daily set up. I’m also learning Reactjs and Nodejs.

I’ve released my own Web application: A telegram bot which allows you to track and re-target prospect who has visited your page or website in pass specific date and does make a purchase nor convert.

When time permits I like to create Photoshop design to earn a bit of extra pocket money and keep my skills fresh.

I’m currently available for work and taking on new projects, so please contact me on mailto: info@walecodes.com