How to Become a Self-Taught Web Developer

To become a self-taught web developer these days is so easy by sitting in front of your laptop, a note and an online course to follow while watching the instructor explain the concept to you. You don’t necessarily need a formal education to become a self-taught developer.

Learning how to program by teaching yourself will help you a lot in many ways to become a web developer rather than the formal learning process. There are different advantages to learning web development yourself.


According to a post by Mohamed Lotfy on quora stated advantages of learning on your own as follows.

  • It helps you to learn more effectively as searching for the knowledge on your own really helps you to keep information in your long-term memory.
  • While you are learning, you will discover more than what you are searching for. You don’t have to stick to a curriculum or a syllabus. You are free to learn whatever you want.
  • Usually, it’s less expensive than formal education (or having a private tutor).
  • You will boost your self-esteem as you will think of yourself as an independent person who can learn new things in this life without anyone helping him.
  • Again you will not be graded for this learning. You just do it for your interests.

That been said let me show you how to learn web development on your own by following the steps below.

1. Choose your area of focus

You’re going to achieve greatness in your journey as a web developer by picking your area of interest. I know you would be wondering how?

These simply mean you have to pick a particular language and stick to it before moving to the next one, It would be easier to learn HTML in a day if you really committed and devote your time to it. doing so will allow you to evaluate yourself to learn a language for some months. After you have mastered it, then you can move to another language.

During this phase on your journey as a developer, you will work more on HTML and CSS, then you have a choice to a choice either you want to work in frontend or backend.

if you want to work in the frontend which allows you to do more of a client-side task, then you will need to learn javascript which allows you to perform some interaction on the web browser. There also some popular frameworks like (Vue, React, Angular etc) to help you deploy app faster when you have master javascript and build some projects with it.

Working with backend language will allow you to do more of a server-side task and building an API. There are many languages to build a server-side application like PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, Swift, etc.

Choose an area that excites you most and sticks with it, there are many training tutorials online that can help you learn either frontend or backend languages when you signup with 7 days skillshare FREE trial here.

2. Build some tiny projects

Now that you are learning the basics of web development, it’s time to start writing down some tiny project ideas to build at your leisure time when you are done learning. building a project while learning will improve your development skills and problem-solving approach.

It doesn’t have to be a large project precise just tiny ones, you can take your time point out features you will include in the app.

It depends on the area of web development you specialize some project might be very simpler to create but doesn’t matter, learn one or two things move to the next project and keep going. You might be wondering what kind of project idea should I build, don’t worry I have a blog post on 10 top tiny projects to build while still learning web development.

3. Dedicate time daily to practice

Starting to Learn web development you make progress in some area but at some time you will face challenges during your learning process and that’s why some beginner give up and frustrated.

These occur because beginners usually rely on achieving milestones to feel satisfied. After learning the basics of web development you will fill stock at some point but there a way to get out of these.

So instead of planning to achieve milestones at a time while not dedicate some hours of the day to practice web development only, by doing so, you can track your progress. Devote at least 25 minutes to stay focus without distraction during this process.

If you feel like having your phone around you then can consider downloading this app called “Forest: stay focus” from google play store. You will build a  focus tree for the next 25 minutes without distraction.

The point in committing to a time frame is that you’ll allow yourself to feel satisfaction for meeting that commitment. The milestones will continue to arrive, but as a pleasant by-product, rather than an unpredictable goal.

4. Engaging with learning resources

To become a web developer, you have to write lots of codes and those codes don’t have to be your own.

There are benefits in following along with the code resources such as books, video tutorial and code snippets — like ones covered Skillshare with courses on different areas of web development

You should be engaged with learning resources, you can note terms you aren’t familiar with while you are learning either through books or online courses in other to make further research on them, even though you are still learning but note that engaging with coding resource will make your journey as a web developer so much easier.

Here’s what you can do

Writing codes isn’t the main concept of web development but it actually the way you can think login reasoning for solving a problem, and each professionals teaching web development has a different approach for solving a problem.

Watching online learning resources with help you discover different ways a problem can be solved.

If you are ready to start building your own project, this exposes to how problems can be solved will provide the mental tools required to:

  • Understand what a particular problem entails.
  • Know which method suitable for solving the problem.

You might not think of a preferable method to solve the problem but that doesn’t matter. Most problems have been solved before, in different ways, to solve a problem you have to know steps to follow in arriving at the best solution. Aside from that, writing code syntax and details are far easier to understand.


I hope you find tips I have shared here for teaching yourself web development helpful, which someone told me this while starting as a web developer.

I wish you success on your journey of becoming a web developer.

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