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Domain Name (Online Presence)


Every website starts with a great domain name. Namecheap, as a leading domain registrar, offers you a wide variety of domains. Register or transfer your domain name within a snap.

Namecheap offers hosting plans that are secure, reliable, and high-performing for just $2.88/month. There’s a perfect hosting solution for every website.

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Web Hosting (Online Presence)


wpengine wordpress hosting

Starting your own website or blog on the internet is easy. However, growing it into a massive trusted authority that is getting thousands of visitors daily and making money 24/7, isn’t so easy.

In addition to the many promotional and content creation efforts you will need to put into the blog, you will also need to have a trusted web hosting solution to make sure it’s running as fast as possible at all times.

For this, I personally use WPEngine — as they are one of the largest, super-powerful, highly rated, and most trusted premium web hosting solution providers out there. In addition to making sure my sites are always up and running, they also have the best support I’ve seen from any other hosting solution. Email, chat, phone… they have you covered and ready within seconds!

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bluehost web hosting

For your website to be accessible online by your readers, it has to be available online 24/7 without interruption

The easiest and convenient way to get started right away is to use Bluehost

When you signup to Bluehost, you can register your domain name, setup wordpress and on your way to starting your blogging journey because with blue you can start writing your first post in 15 minutes or more.

You can get started right now for $3.95/month

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Whether you are looking for a personal website hosting plan or a business website hosting plan, HostGator is the perfect solution for you.

Hostgator hosting services will not only help you achieve your overall website goals but will also provide you with the confidence you need in knowing that you are partnered with a reliable and secure website hosting platform.

They are the easiest website hosting platforms to use and remain committed to providing its customers with one of the best hosting solutions on the market.

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Digital Ocean

digital ocean cloud hosting

Digital Ocean makes it simple to launch in the cloud and scale up as you grow—whether you’re running one virtual machine or ten thousand.

They offer an optimized configuration process saving your team time when running and scaling distributed applications, AI & machine learning workloads, hosted services, client websites, or CI/CD environments.

When you signup to Digital Ocean, you’ll get $100 credit that you can use for 2 months after you sign up through my link.

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Below are my recommended book for developers.

Nodejs Books