The 2019 Web Developer Roadmap

A resource guide to becoming a fullstack web developer both (frontend and backend) in 2019 and beyond with a link to courses.

Do you want to learn to code? Starting a coding journey in 2019 couldn’t be better than starting today. In this article, I’ll take you on a journey on how to become a developer with an illustrated roadmaps to follow.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to know everything before you can become a geek developer. The roadmap will guide through your learning process as a web developer.

Disclaimer: This awesome illustrated guide to becoming a web developer was created by Kamranahmedse and posted to GitHub under the CC BY 4.0 License.

Web Developer in 2019

To become a web developer you either choose frontend or backend development, each has their roles to play in an organization. In each roadmap, start with the ones painted in yellow.

Looking at the picture above, you could clearly see the roadmap for becoming a frontend or backend developer, the stack painted in yellow are recommended learning phase to focus with as listed below.

Frontend Development Learning Phase

Remember I told you to focus on the yellow painting stack to guide in your learning path for becoming a frontend developer.  See the below diagram for a successful path to follow as a frontend developer.

The Web Development Bootcamp

Becoming a web developer you will actually need to grasp the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In this course, the instructor will walk you through the fundamentals of frontend development and this is the right course to learn these stacks.

The Advanced Web Development Bootcamp

You have taken the first course that introduces you to the fundamentals of web development, now it to move more advanced technology that helps you build a robust web application.


JavaScript Fundamental

Advanced JavaScript

React JS

Angular JS

Vue JS


Below is the roadmap to becoming a backend developer in 2019, during your journey on this path make sure you focus on the important stack label in yellow.

backend developer roadmap






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Wrapping Up

That’s all for my recommended resources to get you started as a web developer in a few months to come.

My advice for you when taking these courses is to build one or two project(s) with what you have learned in each course, before proceeding to the next course so you can evaluate your capabilities on a project you are very confident you can build.  Let me know your thought about the courses listed here.

Good luck on your journey of becoming a web developer.


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